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D series

Cable granulation machines with dry separation process are intended for the electric and phone scrap cable processing.

The equipment consists of several components:

  • base

  • mill with 3x2 rotating and 2x2 fixed blades

  • pneumatic transmission system

  • powerful system for dust removal

  • dry process separator


New granulation machines in D series are equipped with the new dry process separator, including several important changes compared to previous versions. Air flow control is electronic, while the separator's sieve angle can be adjusted allowing for the better results. Besides the new separator, the sound insulation of the mill is also improved. Machine operations are simple and logical. Cables are loaded into the mill which grinds them to the needed size. A pneumatic transmission system then transfers the shredded material to the separator, while the extractor fan extracts the dust. The separator uses vibrations to separate metal (Cu and Al) fractions and plastic based on the different behavior in a water stream.



In order to upgrade the cable recycling process, these machines can be combined with shredding machines and magnetic separators.